A poem in honor of our children

In gratitude 
for our son
for our daughter
their joint venture 
as twins

Who granted us
the privilege of
being a mother
being a father
this lifetime around

No mountain
too high to climb
to touch the stars 
they were
seeded from

Feeling blessed 
by the precious gifts 
we were about 
to receive,
nestling in

Not one but 
two loving souls 
taking a leap of faith
to embark on 
their human journey


The prospect of
each having 
a baby to rock,
and to hold
close to our heart

HELPP* marked my body 
a hostile environment
The expectancy glow
at the horizon
changed overnight

into a threatening sky 
of storm and thunder
smothering the roots 
of our hopes
and dreams

Our children arrived
amidst this turmoil
so vulnerable
yet their energy
moved mountains

Such presence
One holding space
for the other 
to embrace
his Breath of Life

Big mission
but a fragile foundation,
causing withdrawal into 
the realm of star travelers 
once the other jumped into life

In gratitude for
the love
and wisdom
of our beloved son 
of our beloved daughter

One here with us
spreading his wings
The other 
on the other side
spreading her light

Written to honor our son and in honor of our deceased baby daughter, their birthday is February 28th.

HELLP* (Hemolysis, Elevated Liver enzymes, and Low Platelets) Syndrome is a life-threatening pregnancy complication for mother and child with no treatment, except for getting the baby and placenta out as soon as possible.

This poem was first published in “Scribe” on Medium.com

©️ Sabine Vekemans 2021 – all rights reserved