Where do we go
when we die

Do we become
the night riders 
in the sky
tracking and tracing
the star where
we were once seeded

Do we return
to the place
of our soul’s origination
or do we travel
the galactic highways
to unexplored destinations

Who designed
the cosmical maps
that will show us
the coordinates
navigating us
to our next adventure

Will I see you again
in a flash of a lifetime
Or do we share DNA
of the same Starseed
meant to bloom together 
more than once

What is this vastness
that is holding
the essence of you
your love codes
into my heart

It makes me wonder

Where do we go
when we die

As a child, I remember lying in my bed wondering about why we’re here on this planet. At the same time feeling melancholy. Longing for something I could not describe. Throughout my life, I’ve kept this longing while feeling a sense of not belonging here. A sense of loneliness but not being alone.

This poem was first published on medium.com in the publication ‘Scribe’.

©️ Sabine Vekemans 2021 – all rights reserved