Please, be
with me
for a while
so I can rest
my head
on your lap

Please, rock
me gently
for a while
so the waters
calm down

Please, hold
me to your heart
for a while
so its love
pours tenderly
into mine

Please, offer
me consolation
for a while
so my mind
will shut down
its jabber

Please, listen
to me for a while
when life is
hard to bear
and feels
so lonely

Please, nourish
me for a while
with nectar
from the source
of your
infinite love

Please, stay
with me
for a while
in peace
so I surrender
to rebirth

Please, help
me for a while
to deliver
the new me
– all of me –
into this world

Thank you
Cosmic Mother

This poem was first published in “Scribe” on

©️ Sabine Vekemans 2021 – all rights reserved