Dear Soul, what do you want me to know today? 

We want you to cherish the love that you carry with you in your cosmic genes.

We want you to give this to yourself.

You are so worthy and deserving, all you have to do is open your own angel wings wide and let it pour through you.

We love you with every fiber in our infinite hearts.

We cheer you on to express your sensitive heart in your unique way.

We want you to celebrate yourself because you have ignored your birthday long enough.

You have a birthright that allows you to be in the sunshine and to dance freely to the song of life.

We are with you, every step of the spiraling staircase to your heaven on earth. 

Not a poem, but a channeled message from my Soul. Just as with most of my poetry, I receive these soul messages when I open my heart to connect with my Higher Self.

©️ Sabine Vekemans 2023 – all rights reserved